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I agree with you. When i was younger (until 25 years old), i played a lot (GTA, WOW, Counter Strike ...) and i have this inclination to think that games always have some realism inside then.

In fact it's quite the oppose. What makes games fun is taking what we call reality and make it "closer" and "unreal" at the same time. Like ... "hey, look, i'm shooting a RPG ...". But it's does nothing to do with shooting a RPG, you are just pressing a key and seeing something shining in a block of glass.

Problem with games are that they trick you mind to think something is real. But it's far, very far away from the real. It's just you, sitting at there, imagining things.

Exactly, reality is boring -- my favorite shooter always was Unreal Tournament. :-)

These days I play an undead thief in Dark Souls 3. (But maybe it is realistic, I have no idea how professional thieves live.)

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