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Show HN: Chrome UI built with web stack (github.com)
11 points by pd4d10 on Jan 12, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Many websites like Google, Twitter or GitHub, refuse to show content in cross domain iframe, for secure reason.

It is the browser that refuses to show the content. The behavior is in response to an HTTP header. See: http://stackoverflow.com/a/19843216

If X-Frame-Options is removed from the HTTP stream, the modified page can be displayed. Browser scripting or a 'Man in the middle' attack (on the content provider not the user) are possible approaches to working around the limitation.

Thanks for your clarification.

I've updated README to clarify this.


I pointed it out for the sake of suggesting a work around. I'm a big fan of people taking control of their own browsers and I dislike that X_FRAME-OPTIONS is designed to prevent people from mashing up web content however they want.

Sorry for submitting twice, the former is here:


I want to add 'Show HN' to the title. It is too late to edit it.

It looks broken in both Edge (the content area is half size) and Firefox (the tab sides are low).

Thanks for your report. Fixed just now.


I don't know why my comment was downvoted, but it was a genuine question to understand the purpose of the project.

Likely because just "why?" can come off as flip rather than indicating actual interest. Text-only forums can make it hard to show where you're coming from with such a short response. Perhaps if you include a reason why you think it might be a bad idea, or speculate what might motivate their effort it would show your interest.

Is there a down vote button here? I see only the up vote.

It is hard to say what the purpose is. At first I do this just for fun.

Maybe you could consider it as a trial to use CSS to simulate native UI, although not perfectly.

There's a minimum number of karma needed (20 I think) to be able to downvote.

I have >20 karma and can't downvote.

If you can't downvote at all, then I likely have the threshold wrong. This thread makes me think it's 200 or 500.


Two other factors I know of are:

- You can't downvote a response to a comment you posted

- You can't downvote comments after a certain interval (24 hours?)


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