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Since they did have the choice to switch jobs, I think the most they should be able to claim is councelling fees.

It is just not allowed for an employer to offer a job that will seriously damage employees' health. It doesn't matter if employees have the choice to switch jobs or even if they let them sign some waiver to acknowledge they accept the health damage. Laws have been put into place to prevent this, basically to protect naive employees against themselves.

They can always claim that they were told it's not that bad and that they did get company counseling but it was not sufficient and the actual dangers were undersold. This paragraph makes me think there's actually a decent case:

"""Program authorities advised the workers to take walks and smoke breaks and suggested Blauert play video games to manage his symptoms, the complaint said. Later, however, his supervisors allegedly gave him a poor evaluation for “lack of production and too much time playing video games”."""

Very good use case for machine learning. I don't know what tech is used but prescreening with ML should already be quite helpful if you don't want to rely on it fully.

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