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In 2006 there was a supervised election where Hamas was legitimately elected over Fatah. The Palestinians gave a mandate of a terrorist organization to lead them.

Do you trust a "supervised election" in a fascist regime? I don't really. But let's say you are right, and majority actually supports it. It means quite something morbid about such society.

The supervised elections were by US, UN or similar groups, not by Palestinian government.

The Palestinians were given the chance to self-govern Gaza when Israel pulled out in 2005 and show the world community that they are capable of self-government. Instead Hamas was elected and Hamas shot many thousands of missiles into Israel.

> The supervised elections were by US, UN or similar groups, not by Palestinian government.

How exactly does such supervision help? I.e. let's say someone votes (under supervision) today against, and then, killed tomorrow for being in opposition. You get the idea. Supervision has zero value when fascists control everything.

Estimating by Egypt situation, around half of the population supports fascist groups, and half is against. Hamas is a projection of Egyptian fascists, so the picture can be similar.

Hamas is part of Muslim Brotherhood, the group that assassinated Egyptian President Sadat.

They are terrorists who target among other things family restaurants (e.g., Sbarro in Jerusalem [1]) and teens dancing at Dolphinarium Discotheque. [2]

Incidentally, there were in fact Palestinians dancing in the streets during 9/11. (I was in Upper West Side of Manhattan when it happened).


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sbarro_restaurant_suicide_bomb...

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolphinarium_discotheque_massa...

Exactly. And Muslim Brotherhood are fascists.

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