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Good on you for donating your time like that. How did you get involved with GSG? How long will you be there for? Cheers.

Came across a post on social media and applied to help out as a mentor. There was an interview processes and then some paperwork for entry permits.

I spent one week in Gaza and another week between Ramallah and parts of Israel.

After the time there I still have contact with the friends I made there and try to contribute with any initiative they put together.

It also pushed me to look for local initiatives here in the US .

I applied to be a mentor on their website after reading about the accelerator.

You can also donate to their current campaign to help create the coding academy, which I've also done, after seeing it in person I can personally say it's fantastic and students there told me how much it's changing their lives, making them more confident and hopeful about opportunities for their future.

Link is here: http://www.powerupgazageeks.com/

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