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The article, like most, makes a big deal about the (not yet really extant) memristers but the other interesting technical advance in this device is the optical interface (optical-to-the-die interface) which is only discussed in passing in this article. That alone could potentially carry HPe, which is good since what else could?

They spend 9 paragraphs discussing it, and other aspects of the optical system.

I think it's pretty neat. I'm mostly skeptical because commodity compute has led HPC for so long. Novel architectures are often quite interesting, but feel like they only have a performance advantage for short periods of time.

It looks like a neat system though, and I'm sure many of the ideas will trickle down into commodity hardware eventually. It's great that HP are still doing this kind of stuff.

Every company is working on that optical stuff and it keeps getting delayed. It could only save HPE if they get it working and their competitors don't.

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