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Wow, an excellent post! I'm really motivated now to finish my own project, which is a little bit more bulky (a lot more bulky: An old 7" netbook which has been gutted and I made a wooden frame and box to hold it and put it on the wall). I'm still thinking of what to do with it, but I'd like it to be sort of a hub of info, with time, weather, news, HN, bus, etc., which me and other people in the house can use. I'd also like to implement a webcam feature which would turn off the display unless there is someone near the device moving.

That's a great idea! You should add a distance sensor so it only activates when someone comes within a meter or so of it.

If you have temperature/motion/light/etc sensors around the house, you could use those, or maybe show the HomeAssistant dashboard on it.

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