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>Yes, but I've grown to dislike that term, though it's my current job title. There's a number of people who're titled with DevOps and they're yelling about Docker this and CD that, and AWS/RDS those.

This is not exclusive to DevOps, though DevOps is a hot buzzword right now so lots of posers are flooding in. Most people, no matter their station or the prestige of their company, have no idea what they're doing. Knowing this is one of the most important things for dealing with the corporate world (I think I'm missing a couple of the other most important things, though...).

Different people try to cover this up in different ways. One popular way is acting like they always know about new cutting-edge tools sponsored by AppAmaGooBookSoft and that the next thing will finally be the Silver Bullet we've all been waiting for.

This impulse has brought us the prominence of node.js, MongoDB, the proliferation of "big data", and many other vastly-overdeployed niche products that have been ravenously and shamelessly misused by incompetent people trying to fake it through their careers. Our standards for this are, frankly, sad. It must have to do with a combination of a cultural bias against non-junior engineers outside of Java/.NET-land and putting completely unqualified MBAs in charge of tech (and yes, this is also applicable in startup world via VC proxies) -- but I digress.

Been hearing that song and dance re: docker and k8s for the last year at least, and boy is it ever tiring. Docker and k8s are both very niche, very immature products that greatly complicate system administration. They are missing features that you rely on and that you will have implement horrifying hacks to work around. Why are you doing this to yourself, again? Oh, because AWS is too expensive and you want to consolidate (fake reason btw, real reason "because it makes people think I'm smart")? Yeah, about that...

It's fun to throw together a lab for experimentation, maybe hook up a weekend project, but no sane Real Company is going to be moving its stuff to all-containerized k8s any time in the next 2 years.

My current project at work? Converting all of our environments to docker/k8s...

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