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Hi sixQuarks, genuinely appreciate the feedback, and the additional comments that came in here while I was writing.

In our experience, actionable feedback comes from founders who have used a product, not those who just spend a lot of time researching. That's precisely the problem with Gartner, Forrester (who basically get paid by both vendors AND buyers to make decisions for companies, with zero interest in the best tool for the job). If you want to throw darts at a product, theirs are world class targets.

While it's easy to throw darts at a handful of short reviews from founders who are so busy they can barely keep up with email, we hear from Founderkit users daily that they find tools and are able to make decisions immediately. Don't read too much into the short reviews. There's a lot more going on here.

No, I totally agree that founderkit is useful, I'm just saying it's not the tool that I personally want or need. I have a clear vision for the site I really want, and am surprised no one is doing it yet.

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