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Ask HN: Has Anyone Switched from Linux to Win10 Linux Subsystem for Development?
9 points by throw20161123 on Jan 11, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
In the past, I dual-booted with Ubuntu and Win7. Development was on Linux with certain apps (Office, etc) on Win 7.

I'm about to get a new laptop with Windows 10 Pro, and wondering whether the Linux subsystem offers enough of the Unix ergonomics to get stuff done.

Unfortunately for the most part it will not suffice. For example I tried to run Node and Go applications and they did not work properly.

Node had error with `pm2` package which is needed if you want to launch multiple applications a la "microservices".

Go had problems with `go get` on sqlite database.

Note that this was about two months ago, maybe things changed by now. I am very happy with Win10 in general, but that is because I use C# and do not need Linux for developing.

You might want to try again, maybe with an insider build. I had some issues with go because some Linux system calls had not been implemented. They were added in an insider build that I installed and since then I've been issue free.

The I/O performance is still a bit lacking though.

It works decently for me. I had to get on the Windows Insider for beta Windows builds because the stable only has Ubuntu 14. Beta has 16.

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