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Wasn't "The Machine" (whoever came up with that name should be whipped with a wet noodle) supposed to have memristors? I skimmed the description, but didn't see any mention of this having memristors, just conventional DIMMs.

Actually it has a very large shared non-volatile memory. HP felt memristors would be a great way to make that memory but as it is pointed out in the article you can make it with regular DRAM and leaving the power on, or with Intel/Micron's cross point (Optane) NV-Dimm tech.

From what I have read, the memristors were the goal but they just aren't ready yet. Rather than wait, they implemented The Machine with what is available now.

It was. Then again, it's been a few years. In the meantime, other forms of non-volatile memory became cheaper.

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