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Curious why you think Cannery Row is such an important novel?

Well, it's no Of Mice and Men, but:

- Steinbeck is a major American writer (Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize). I feel like any library should have a complete collection of his works, if possible.

- He wrote a sequel called Sweet Thursday.If you're going to keep a copy of that, you'd best keep Cannery Row too.

- It's really thin. Like maybe 1/6 of an inch. Won't take up much space.

- It's often assigned in schools.

To be honest, I didn't like it very much. Now that I think about it, maybe the algorithm was on to something. :)

There's a lot of important works that aren't very likable, but that doesn't diminish their importance.

Maybe you hate A Tale of Two Cities or loathe A Handmaid's Tale, but it's important that books that make up the cultural foundation or provide relevant commentary on it are available.

If it was all about popularity the library would be jammed full of nothing but garbage by John Grisham, Dan Brown and Stephanie Meyer. It would be high-fructose all the way.

Eat your vegetables. Digest difficult, disagreeable things.

Honestly, if you're running an algorithm based solely on circulation numbers without taking into account at least one "Greatest 100 books of all time" list then you're overweighting immediate observation and underweighting historical consensus.

... Besides, what's the point of having books on shelves if you can't browse and find something great?

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