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I'm loving Vue. I went from not writing javascript in 2 years (last stopping at Angular 1) to writing nice javascript app with clean codebase in a day. After a brief look at React and my experience with Angular 1, the same would take at least 2-3x longer with React or Angular.

I was annoyed by Javascript community churning out a new tool every week and deprecating everything every year. I lived through learning Ember and Angular1. Now, I just picked up Vue, a few crucial components from Vue MDL and wrote everything else in plain Javascript, CSS and a little bit Jquery. And just included scripts in my html. That's it - you get two innovations of Javascript world that make the biggest difference, two way data binding and components, at the least possible cost. It saves you from all the madness of https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels-to-learn-javascript-in-2... , half of which will be likely deprecated in a year anyway.

This workflow is likely more productive for 95% of sites, unless you are relaly building a complex single page web app. It will be more resilient to the passage of time.

What did you use jQuery for?

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