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This is really fascinating.

Have you given any thought to the possibility of providing this synthetic population on a finer grained basis? It could be extremely useful if this were available for, e.g., each U.S. county (or even something smaller than that).

Edit: I noticed that each person has a lat/long location. So maybe a different way of framing my question would be, at what level of geographic granularity does this reflect differences in the distribution of the various characteristics? And, assuming that it reflects sub-national variations, have you considered allowing a random agent to be selected within an arbitrary geographic area?

Absolutely. This is an active project and I have a plugin system for synthesizing additional data sources. In the research literature, I have seen several impressive US census-derived synthetic population projects, so finer-grained data are a future direction.

Great! I've seen the U.S. Census Bureau's American Communities Survey, which has extremely fine grained data, but with a few gaps for, e.g., religion, Internet access, etc. Do you know of anything else as granular as ACS?

This, again, is really really interesting. When it comes to the fine-grained U.S. data, we may be approaching if-you-dont-build-it-I-will territory. :)

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