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Doing anything other than a crash is often sub-optimal, in my experience.

Such error handling code is usually untested, which is another way of saying 'buggy'. It almost always swallows useful information, like the backtrace. It sometimes lets program execution continue in a messed up state, causing very strange and hard to debug errors later on.

Certainly Rust makes it a lot harder to mess up error handling code than the languages I'm used to but in general I'm definitely in the 'all exceptions fatal' camp.

An exception to the exception rule IMO is a program that is managing many internal tasks at once, and the failure of one should not bring down the others. For example, a program that is coordinating many IoT devices should not fail if one of those devices cannot be contacted.

In the case of unreliable network peers, it isn't really "exceptional" that they be unreachable. It should just be represented as data.

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