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Great list, wrong name, should be something like "top 50 _web_ developer tools. Not much in there for desktop app developers.

If the list is for all development work then i must be doing something wrong. I only use 5 of the listed "tools". Github, Gitlab, Vim, Python and Sublime Text.

These top lists lately always seem to focus on web development and seem to skip the millions of developers who work have never written a web app. Desktop, Embedded and backend apps may not be as sexy as the latest web framework but do run a huge number of businesses and devices in the world.

My guess is that they source this based on web searches and social media posts. Those tend to have a more web development focus.

Well, even that seems the wrong name. Is it worth writing an article saying php, angular, react, and _JavaScript_ are popular in web development in 2016? I guess it's worth knowing that they still are?

Since we aggregated data across all users, our "web" tools definitely shone through (as you might imagine, there are more web devs than native on stackshare), but given that we included all tools we felt it was more accurate as a description of the methodology.

Do you think it would be valuable for us to segment these rankings further next time? Create a couple different rankings?

Sure. It's not so much about splitting it up, though. It's about providing a title that will attract the correct audience. But good luck getting that past marketing.

I mean, it's a list of the top developer tools from StackShare users. If you were going to change the name to something it would have to be something like "The Top 50 StackShare Developer Tools of 2016", that would be correct but also a bit redundant...

Since the data set (StackShare) isn't inherently limited to just web developer tools (it's just biased towards them), titling it "The Top 50 Web Developer Tools of 2016" would just be incorrect and a misrepresentation of the data.

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