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I don't really get this article. He wishes as a teenager he had spent more time reading serious works of history, but that's just not really what teenagers do. He talks about how most Fantasy novels are just escapism, but so are more novels period along with sports, reality TV, sitcoms, and scripted drama. Basically he's saying it would be nice if we didn't have to relax at all and spent all of our time consuming educational media but that's not what most people want to do to unwind.

It's academic humble-brag. "I wish I had spent my teenage years reading about queer domesticities in Edwardian England or Pan-Africanism" is just him saying, "I now read about queer domesticities in Edwardian England or Pan-Africanism, and that makes me a virtuous person."

Yeah, playing games of driveway basketball to fifty baskets didn't teach me a lot about history, either the type I now prefer to read or the type he thinks I should be reading. But my main regrets about driveway basketball are that I didn't think about what a dribbled basketball sounds like at 7 am, and that I didn't work more on my vertical leap.

And didn't C.S. Lewis say that those opposed to escapism are commonly called "jailers"?

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