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I won't get into whether or not it's fair to call call "developers" "engineers", but I do make the distinction in the first paragraph that the article refers to software engineers. In addition, velocity, bug count, and lines of code are all software terms. I can't imagine anyone thinking this is referring to any other type of engineering.

Note that other types of engineers write code: CAD, CFD, FEM, etc. We don't develop software products, but we write code to pursue our goals.

Velocity? How is that a software term?

It's a pretty well known term in agile software development.

It is also a pretty well known term in other fields, and was long before agile software development came around.

In this case, other context clues tell us that the article means 'velocity as in software development'.

Agile, for example, is another general term that has a fairly specific meaning in this context.

If you overhear someone in a park say "Oh, you guys are agile? What's your average velocity?" would you assume they are talking about athletics or software development?

Then the title should be changed.

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