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SPECTRE: A Fast and Scalable Cryptocurrency Protocol [pdf] (iacr.org)
41 points by wslh 313 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

So, let me get this right: you're proposing a new cryptocurrency, which the media and masses often unfairly associate with nefarious use cases, and the name you chose for it coincides with the nefarious criminal organization from the James Bond universe?

... ok then.

Remember that /r/Bitcoin is censored to the extreme. For an uncensored bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum, try /r/btc.

IIRC censorship that happens there is usually regarding submissions moreso than comments?

I guess we don't know what's been censored in this thread but the back-and-forth between Taek42 and avivz78/MeniRosenfeld is interesting.

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