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On the flip side it can be maddeningly stupid. I have two Tom's in my contacts. one is regularly texted and called and other very, very rarely so. When I try to use voice to text Tom, it asks me which one. Every time. This adds a lot of interaction and time and honestly makes using the phone touchscreen faster and more pleasant.

I have the Google Home and my kid loves the Ghostbusters song. For whatever reason if you ask Home to play Ghostbusters you need, first, to specify the song not the movie, even though I have no Netflix integration setup. Then when it gets it correct it will only play the instrumental version for some bizarre reason. Weird, its clear the Home engineers are Ghostbusters fans as you can ask Home "Who you gonna call" and it gives some humorous canned responses, but somehow they can't get playing the Ghostbusters song correct.

Worse, because I have Google Play Music, there's some kind of licensing limit with Home. If I have Home playing music then my desktop PC refuses to play any youtube content, not play music, but unrelated videos. I can't watch any youtube videos unless I log out. Its incredible how bad the usability here. Buying a device for your kitchen shouldn't make all your computers be unable to play videos.

My wife has 2 mobile phone numbers, one which I call every day (it's set as the contact default) and another which I only call occasionally when she's travelling internationally. Yet when I use "OK Google" voice to call or text her it asks me which number to use every time. Terrible user experience.

Have you thought of renaming the less-called one to Thomas? :D It's a bad solution, sure, but it is a solution...

That's what I ultimately did. I just named him Tom2 or somesuch.

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