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> the American oligarchs ousted noncompliant professional politicians and assumed direct power through Donald Trump and his cabinet.

This strikes me as an extremely odd reading of the election results. The establishment (which oligarchs are almost by definition part of) was by and large very much anti-Trump.

Well, Trump definitely ousted the professional politicians and his cabinet is full of the very rich.

What happened after the election is that a lot of those people decided to try to convince themselves that maybe a Trump administration won't be so bad, but yes, they were very-much anti-Trump on election day.

And not to mention Clinton spent about $1 billion from very large donors on a very industrialized campaign based on TV advertising and direct mail, while Trump spent $60 million made up of small donations. To say presidential elections are won by big money oligarchs is kind of silly.

$60 Million? He put in over $60 Million of just his own money so that figure is off bigly! Big money put their money into PACs on both sides so it's impossible to say they have/had no effect. WAPost: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/2016-electi... Forture: http://fortune.com/2016/12/09/donald-trump-campaign-spending...

Yes Trump was not very establishment. I have to think in the really high circles he was known more as a flashy con-man.

Flashy con-men have their uses.

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