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"Hey let's all take turns picking the music that gets blasted. I choose Arnold Schoenberg."

5 minutes later...

"Everyone, we've decided that music is a personal taste, and that to maintain a professional working environment, we will not be playing music over the sound system."

In practice what I've seen is a "music clique" develops. If I went to put on some ambient Eno or whatever (because it's the closest to "no music"), it would probably be weird because I'm not in the music clique. I'm not really sure how you get to be in it, it would feel weird to me to put on music, effectively saying "everyone else, you must listen to what I choose". Just so rude, I feel.

I doubt that many of my co-workers would endure Dark Funeral or the like that gets blasted at my home. It's for their sake I insist on music on headphones only.

I've made an app that fairly regulates this!


Sorry, slightly unrelated to the discussion, but it could be used for open offices :-)

Part of the inspiration was when I was taking it in turns I'd have to sit through loads of abrasive pop music and then when a beautiful death metal song came on everyone would complain and skip it.

Why is the solution "everyone has to listen to some music that makes them not able to work"?

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