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The Pause/Break key on the Kinesis Advantage (acting in macOS as F15) raises the brightness for me, but the Scroll lock key (which is supposed to lower brightness / act as F14) doesn't (it seems to act as Tab instead

Edit: This seems to be because those are mapped to F14/F15 respectively in macOS by default. Apparently an non-Apple external keyboard cannot send Apples media keys, so unless your keyboard has its own media keys it will not work.

The Kinesis Advantage supports enabling media keys by pressing =n (see http://superuser.com/a/403765)

The Freestyle 2 for Mac has working multimedia keys, which double as F keys when you press Fn - basically to mirror standard Apple keyboards. Unfortunately there must be some internal hacking involved, because the Kinesis does not respect the System Preference for swapping multimedia with F keys; I was hoping to work around that with some app, but nothing seems able to intercept most of its multimedia keys on Sierra. Tonight I'll try with khd [1], if I can figure out how it's supposed to work...

[1] https://github.com/koekeishiya/khd

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