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Upgrading from bs3 to bs4 is as close to a complete rewrite of your front end as you can get. Just the fact they switched from less to sass means that if you use less as well to extend and build upon the bs components you need to completely rewrite everything.

I use bs3 and love it, however my plan is not to upgrade to bs4, it's to slowly pull out and replace anything that could be modernised over time. The risk of breaking something is too great.

"Upgrading from bs3 to bs4 is as close to a complete rewrite of your front end as you can get."

That's slightly hyperbolic. I don't think they intend for the primary use case to be for people to upgrade in place, like updating a nightly Firefox, but rather to start new projects with the new version. But previous big upgrades have been largely a bunch of search and replaces. There's various tools that people have written to automate this. Again, I wouldn't blindly run it and expect everything to work, but it's far, far less than a complete rewrite.

Completely agree, wasn't intending to be hyperbolic. My intention was to indicate to the GP that upgrading an existing project from bs3 to 4 would be hard and mostly unnessasery. And clearly not the main intention of the bs team.

We all do tend to do a redesign of our sites and apps eventually and that the correct time to make the transition.

There has been a sass branch of BS3 for a long time and BS4 has always been sass-only so it's not like they have just suddenly dropped this on everyone.

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