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BS 4 has only very recently gone all-in on flexbox so what's the expectation towards a 4.0 GA release date? A major benefit of Bootstrap is that it's really well tested on all kinds of devices (something that's difficult to achieve with your own CSS). But now that it's using flexbox for its grid doesn't that mean that testing has to be restarted all over?

Not that there's a need to rush it; I really appreciate Bootstrap's "it's ready when it's ready" stance. Personally I also like that the BS devs had the balls to rewrite their grid system based on flexbox this late in the development cycle, rather than hanging on to something you're not convinced of and focussing on getting a release out the door.

To those criticizing Bootstrap, here are my reasons why I like Bootstrap:

BS was incredibly useful for getting me back into contemporary/responsive CSS after a longer period of absence from webdev. I ended up overwriting many things, but that's why it's called "Bootstrap" after all I guess.

Bootstrap is also very useful as a baseline CSS in larger projects with multiple teams developing a uniform-looking web site.

And you can get a ton of themes for relatively little money (though not everything on offer is great of course). You can also contract an agency or freelance designer to make a BS theme for you, with a straightforward workflow.

Also, you can get relative good and targetted StackOverflow etc. advice on your daily CSS problems.

And, when BS4 finally is released, you don't have to redo your complete site to take advantage of it (or at least I hope so).

Bootstrap is ridiculously good. It may take criticism here, because this site is naturally going to bias toward people doing things a bit more advanced/complex than what BS was intended to facilitate. But for someone like me who needed to get a professional-looking, mostly static website up and running in a weekend for a side gig and hadn't done any (and I mean any) web development since 2002, Bootstrap was just the framework.

I have to agree with you, Bootstrap has been a boon for my productivity, especially prototyping. When you're looking to get a MVP off the ground ASAP, I can't think of a more useful CSS framework than Bootstrap.

BS3 still exists for people who absolutely need old browser (cough IE) support. Everyone else has FF, Chrome, or Safari which are all very good at nagging people to stay up to date, even on toasters.

Porting BS3 → BS4 can be easy or hard. It took me about a day to port my first site but things have been smooth sailing since then. BS3 is still officially supported (the devs thankfully aren't repeating their unceremonious dumping of BS2 this time around) so unless there is some pressing reason for you to update you don't have to.

> BS3 is still officially supported

Are you sure?


> Stop all work on v3—today. The open issues, split dev setup, and more holds us back from focusing entirely on v4. I'll close all remaining v3 issues and milestones. Any new changes to v3 will be sporadic and highly irregular.

How big a problem is that in practice?

BS3 is so widely used at this point that point that I think it is fair to call it 'done'. Browsers aren't going to stop supporting the features it uses any time soon.

I don't think it's a big problem, but I also wouldn't call BS3 "supported". It still exists, that's about it.


> When we shipped Bootstrap 3, we immediately discontinued all support for v2.x, causing a lot of pain for all our users out there. That was a mistake we won’t be making again. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be maintaining Bootstrap 3 with critical bug fixes and documentation improvements. v3 docs will also continue to be hosted after v4’s final release.

Ah, that's good to hear!

Upgrading from bs3 to bs4 is as close to a complete rewrite of your front end as you can get. Just the fact they switched from less to sass means that if you use less as well to extend and build upon the bs components you need to completely rewrite everything.

I use bs3 and love it, however my plan is not to upgrade to bs4, it's to slowly pull out and replace anything that could be modernised over time. The risk of breaking something is too great.

"Upgrading from bs3 to bs4 is as close to a complete rewrite of your front end as you can get."

That's slightly hyperbolic. I don't think they intend for the primary use case to be for people to upgrade in place, like updating a nightly Firefox, but rather to start new projects with the new version. But previous big upgrades have been largely a bunch of search and replaces. There's various tools that people have written to automate this. Again, I wouldn't blindly run it and expect everything to work, but it's far, far less than a complete rewrite.

Completely agree, wasn't intending to be hyperbolic. My intention was to indicate to the GP that upgrading an existing project from bs3 to 4 would be hard and mostly unnessasery. And clearly not the main intention of the bs team.

We all do tend to do a redesign of our sites and apps eventually and that the correct time to make the transition.

There has been a sass branch of BS3 for a long time and BS4 has always been sass-only so it's not like they have just suddenly dropped this on everyone.

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