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I was the same with Elite as a kid (although I never actually reached 'Elite'!). There was something about that game that made it so immersive. I wasn't just playing a game, for a few hours a day I was a hard-bitten space trader.

When I first heard about Elite Dangerous I was fascinated. Everything from the original game but with modern graphics to make it look the way it always deserved to. I genuinely feared how much of time sink it could become, and decided to stay away. I still watch the videos on YouTube sometimes!

My personal gripe with Elite Dangerous is that the initial learning curve is a pain in the ass. I'm all for escalating challenge -- especially if it means that the jump from "hey, this is fun to play around with" to "I'm out in the border regions, alone, looking for adventure" is intense -- but with Elite Dangerous, I felt like the starting experience dropped me WAY into the deep end of the galactic pool, without much in the way of explanation about the "why" or "how".

You're missing out. Its got a learning curve just like the original but its easier for us who grew up with it. The game is as good as Elite was back then. And they keep adding stuff so there is a "story" element to it. Its incredible. Limit yourself friend, but still, go for it. The galaxy powers need you :)

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