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It's mentioned briefly in the article but take a look at how much has been achieved already on controlling Elite via voice without needing Alexa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6SECeLL3hE

And with Mr Shatner himself providing the voiceover.

More here: http://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/

Disclaimer: I just bought this. I'm waiting for my HOTAS flightstick to arrive then I'm donning my Vive to spend some quality time with Kirk in VR.

(Voice control is of particular relevance to VR as you can't see the keyboard. Any games with complex control schemes suffer greatly. Elite, War Thunder and DCS spring to mind but it probably applies to some RTS games too. Voice seems like the most obvious addition as it maintains the sense of immersion. Strangely - it's currently very underutilized in VR)

The video you linked; the voice assistant sounded faster than Alexa.

Gamers typically use VoiceAttack[1] for voice control in gaming. It uses the built in Windows 10/8/7? speech recognition system and layers macros and basic programming on top of it.

[1] http://voiceattack.com/

Yep. The Kirk thing is based on VoiceAttack if that wasn't clear.

Shatner? That seems great. But I'd probably prefer George Takei.

"Mr. Sulu, warp speed!"

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