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It is possible to have more than half above the national average. I doubt it's probable though.

We just need a few to bring the average down so much, the rest are above it. Got to use those outliers to make some good PR.

It depends on what you mean by "national average".

My point is that for internal competition, using a comparison to other members as a target is never going to end well. In the end, the 'average' figure is a pretty meaningless value.

Instead, I think it's more important to target a standard. E.g. a minimum level of literacy/numeracy. "50% of our children can't spell" is a much more meaningful statement. Now as for how you measure that... that's a whole other problem.

Absolutely and couldn't agree more. Definitely should be target driven to a standard as I believe the focus is on the quality of education for everyone, not some threshold where someone slips through and that's ok.

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