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The salary seems to be the most important thing for many people, i.e. this post got upvoted to place number one within minutes.

I think the salary is just one tiny part of the entire equation. As long as you can pay your rent, eat and save a bit you are fine.

Much more important than money is how you will increase your personal market value in the current job as fast as possible. That's the most important part. Then, stuff like your coworkers' smartness and likeliness, your boss (is he a psycho?), location and the actual industry and business model your company is in matters much more than money.

An extreme and unrealistic example, just to illustrate the point: Imagine you make $250K/yr working as a <to not offend anybody, put here some easy job profession which doesn't require too many skills> . You can surf the entire day, be on HN and Reddit. But after three years you are degenerated, you have no story to tell. No achievements at all. Your market value went to zero. And imagine the company is in a small village, there aren't any people who might push your limits and make you smarter. The company's industry is declining. I know, as said, this example is extreme but everyone who is making tons of money now faces some drawbacks, so stop thinking you are underpaid.

A job is a package, the salary is just one part of this package. It's in balance with the other parts and a high salary might compensate for a general weaker package.

"As long as you can pay your rent, eat and save a bit you are fine."

Yep, just make sure to never have a family and/or your own home! You'll be just fine...

Heh, people are such greedy delusionals.

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