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> I have a feeling a lot of people here are going to scoff at this news, because they think politics should be left to someone "better".

Personally I think the opposite - politics should be left to someone "worse"; even Zuckerberg - for all the hate he gets around here - should be above politics. I wonder, who in their right mind would like to join this circus?

And yes, it may be "undemocratic" of me to say it. But does this make it less true? Politics - especially in democratic countries - really seems to bring out the absolute worst, most pathetic behaviour out of people (and not just politicians, also media and regular supporters).


> Heck, if I didn't have to worry about paying my mortgage, I would. I can't be any worse than the integrity-less lizards running the show now.

That's the magic of political scene - you don't start as a lizard, you become one in the process! You can't play the game without it, because at each step, a person who is willing to sacrifice a little bit of their integrity for some deal wins over people who are not. Rinse and repeat, and at the end come out lizards.

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