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> If they are flawed, and Zuckerberg is flawed (by your reasoning), why choose one over the other? Why not give him a chance if you think what we have now is already flawed.

Because I'm tired of voting against people and not for them. I will only vote for the candidate I want otherwise democracy is a sham of an institution. It's how we end up with the candidates we had and how we will continue to nerf any hope of change.

Him starting his efforts by recanting his atheism is a sad sign for his policy. I also firmly believe it's not needed. And that level of pandering is what keeps us down.

I'm very, very left leaning and have my degree in Economics. You'd probably be surprised how many Trump supporters I've spoken with who love what I have to say. I do not pander or change my beliefs to what I think they like because that helps no one. Instead I listen to them and support their feelings and intuition with alternative views.

E.g. A lot of Trump supporters I've met hate regulation. I explain that there are in fact two types of regulation. The first being "Economic" which is strictly bad as it creates barriers to entry and distorts the market. The second "Safety and Soundness" which is strictly good because it creates things like seat belts and warranties. None of them, not a one, argues with that or refutes it.

E.g. Tax breaks are "socialist." We have a budget every year as a nation, that budget is not reduced when we reduce taxes. That means in effect we are giving away money when we give tax breaks, that financial obligation must be filled by national debt or higher taxes for those who didn't qualify for the break. A lovely thing to ask right after, "did you get a tax break this year? Oh no? Me either."

I'm not pandering to them, I'm showing them there is something beyond simple ideology that is nuanced and complex. That they can live without it (we all can). Ideology is ego and nothing more.

Lastly, and probably more relevant to the idea of Zuckerberg running, I do not want anyone for president who thinks privacy should be a thing of the past running the NSA, CIA, FBI, and military. It's ideological nonsense and I'm done with that shit.

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