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> At this point, anything is better. I hope more people in our community will volunteer themselves to the work.

After watching the sheer amount of personal destruction leveled at Trump (a relative political newcomer), what private citizen in their right mind would want to run for office?

There's a reason professional politicians stick to soundbites and avoid the public as much as possible: any unscripted exposure is a chance for the media to demonize them and tear them down. And the public -- the same public that claims to want ''ordinary folks'' to run for office -- gleefully pulls out the torches and pitchforks every time.

Think about the worst skeletons you have in your closet and pretend that the most savvy oppo-research / viral media minds are sitting in a room figuring out how to spin each one into the most salacious, sort-of-but-not-really-true headline possible. That's what I saw both Clinton and Trump deal with in the last cycle. I am an eternal optimist and hope the system can be improved in the future but for now I think the American people are getting just about the level of politics they deserve.

Well, yeah, that's just how it goes in politics. However, Trump is a bad example. He brought this on himself and he's solely responsible for making that race so vitriolic.

Case-in-point, see the BBC coverage in meltdown over the Labour leaders nuanced view to immigration.

People crave targets and promises, It doesn't matter one bit about what is achievable.

small example, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-38561501

There was actually a petition to sack Laura Kuessenberg from the BBC because of her Fox News-y approach to attacking Labour and their response was to cry sexism/misogyny:


Surprisingly it worked.

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