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He doesn't have that clout.

He strikes me as a big money, big government guy, which isn't that different from Bush or Obama. They also essentially all come from that Ivy League background so they have some similar worldviews at least. What do you see which suggests he is different?

What might he be running for? Representative seems too low and too political for a guy of his stature. Senate? I think he's overplaying his hand if he thinks at 35 he could run for any office higher than that and win with no prior experience and not a ton of charisma.

I think you're absolutely right about clout. He doesn't have the presence or charisma for senatorship or above. I have doubts about his success - what I don't doubt is his aspirations.

He's big money and big government, but so is everybody from those four ideological groups (with the exception of the libertarian and anarchistic contingents). Parties aren't always formed from a unique political agenda or worldview - they're just as often a means to cut through existing party bureaucracy and raise the heat on the competition in tight races.

> He doesn't have that clout.

Theoretically, couldn't he just have his engineers tweak the Facebook algorithm to make him President? Figure out how many swing state voters you need, set their Facebook feeds to deliver positive news about Zuckerberg and negative news about rivals.

I doubt it would even be ruled illegal in the current landscape. I'm sure the media would raise a stink, but the voters you care about would never see those scathing op-eds.

Shouldn't that be illegal. But yeah probably in America if you own the media then you can have it say whatever you want.

I personally think Bill Gates should run, he'd be a much better President, and much more likely to win.

I don't think he's running. But, were he to, he'd go for Governor with an eye on the White House in 2024 or 2028, depending on who wins the White House in 2020.

The primary would be tough, and I don't think Zuckerberg would fare any better than Fiorina or Whitman did in their Senate and Gubernatorial runs. The big question for me at this moment is whether Xavier Becerra runs for Governor in 2018. My money is on him winning the Governorship if he does.

I assume Becerra is angling for the White House, and he needs a bigger podium than AG to make a run for it.

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