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Not to be a jerk, but as a video guy, this promo video needs some work.

1. The Premiere Pro "Morph Cut" doesn't really work that well and can easily be spotted. See :38 for an example.

Morph Cut Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOvDwiE0qSo

2. The tracking/compositing of the app on the phone screen is very crude. :59

3. The audio needs a lot of work. I'm on a laptop with no headphones, and I hear the bad ADR work. "Your stories" at 1:28 stands out the most.

Thanks for the feedback! We're bootstrapping over here so we did the best with what we had available. If you know of anyone who can help clean this up (or who makes amazing videos at an affordable price) please let me know :)

On a related note I was expecting to see you guys using the app in the video, it would be nice to see examples of real life use of it, Im not totally sure how/if I would use it

Would you prefer this video instead? It's more serious which is why I didn't use it.


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