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> I seem to recall that they had the SGI machines as desktops and a big unix rendering farm.

Is this during LoTR or even before? I though SGI was out by the time of LoTR

I'd guess before, they've been in the CGI business for quite a while. I saw a presentation from Milton back in 2000 (I'm also a VUW CS grad) with pictures of the render wall.

At one point they bought the building of an ice cream factory in Miramar because it already had a massive electrical feed.

They employ a fair few people in Wellington, my neighbour used to work for Weta as a sysadmin. Everyone was a contractor, doing 10 hour days. Not my scene.

Erm, not sure - it would have been 1999 maybe. I can't even remember what I was doing there, meeting a friend of a friend I think.

Actually, I seem to recall that there were guys around at the time that were making the monsters for Xena or one of those shows.

More trivia - LOTR SGI machines went to the railway afterwards and were used by the engineers for making CAD models of wagons and things.

Pretty sure Irix was the _Heavenly Creatures_ era.

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