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> I think we need to step back and realise that while there might be benefits to a certain technology, it's not a miracle drug.

Can you clarify what you mean by this? Which rock solid C libraries are there for working with images? I'm not talking libpng and libjepg but higher level stuff. Because most people do not use those libraries directly because they are too low level. So any higher level library is a welcome addition.

Most programming languages currently have some agreed upon image library (like PIL/Pillow in Python) and they are not standing on good foundations either.

i don't know much about image libraries, but this is kinda the point. This is just a blog post that announces the replacement of a c-implementation with a rust one and i don't know why. There might be a good reason, but not in this blog post.

I don't have anything against rust and i would read a blogpost that details what they gain from switching to a rust-based library. But i am a bit frustrated by my subjective perception that recently there were a lot of posts on the frontpage that just do something in a fancy language.

Didn't upvote this post, but I gather that people are excited that there's an alternative to C and C++ that finally seems to have some traction. This isn't the usual "I wrote a more ergonomic version of a library in a language that I happen to like better", it's "I wrote a memory-safe version of a library in a language that might be a plausible alternative to the languages that underpin all of our computing infrastructure".

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