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A newly hired employee had the strangest problem with his ethernet when he started.

Whenever he plugged in ethernet it would only give him 10mbps. But if he unplugged and replugged it in. It'd switch over to 1000.

What was more strange. On off. Router or hardware on off. Reboot. Nothing would switch it over to higher speed. We tested it a dozen times. But if you plug it in. Unplug then plug in a 2nd time. Viola 1gbps connection made. Always 10mbps the first time. Tried 4 wires and 3 different switches on multiple computers. Problem is his computer. Even reformatted computer and tried different hardware ethernet ports. Never fully resolved why it always need to be replugged in twice though for faster connection.

Intels' IEGBE drivers used to have a bug that would cause exactly this problem. (I know, because I found the bug and fixed it once, years ago..)

Disabling autonegotiation and forcing 1Gbps full-duplex on the NIC might solve it, too.

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