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Or the email server that couldn't send emails more than 500 miles:


First time hearing this story, and also just discovered `units` which I really love :)

Funny, I didn't understand what you were referring to and quickly forgot about your comment. I then read the 500-mile story, got to the end and thought "units? oh cool, new command... wait, wasn't there a comment about `units`?"


I know OP is a reddit comment, but come on, HN is turning into reddit.

(As per https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html I've been allowed to say that for some time)

(FWIW, deleted_soon's comment may be a small nudge at the fact that OP's link is to a comment reply on the 500-mile-email story.)

That's how I understood it, and it's a sign of reddit culture creeping into HN

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