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- What other programming-languages inspired this one?

- What market is this language addressing? (ie. where should I "be using it"?)

- What is the bus-factor?

- How difficult is/was it to write/design your own programming language?

Kitten is inspired mainly by:

• Systems languages (C, C++)

• Functional languages (Haskell, OCaml)

• Concatenative languages (Cat, Factor, Joy, Forth)

As a functional language without GC, it’s intended for mid-level applications where you might ordinarily reach for C++, but it remains to be seen how people might actually use it. It might be useful as a lightweight scripting language, or for writing low-level embedded code that feels high-level.

The bus factor is currently very bad—people have contributed here and there over the years, but I’m pretty much the only core developer.

Building a language is as hard as you make it, basically. You can make a pretty good toy language in a weekend, or you can go all-in and try to create something innovative, elegant, versatile, stable, usable, and performant. That takes years, and it’s a process of discovery with many false starts.

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