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I like the concept of Factor and talked to the author awhile back who isn't actively involved anymore. My problem comes from the confusing doc and lack of beginner materials. Just because I can write a simple app in an imperative or OO context doesn't mean I can write functional nevermind efficient concatenative code without help.

I do hang out with Slava occasionally, and he’s been helpful even if he’s not that into concatenative programming anymore. For better or worse, the current Factor maintainers are focused more on language internals than onboarding new users. Concatenative/compositional programming does require a different way of thinking, which I think is easy to learn but hard to teach.

Understood. Is concatenative programming not especially good for what he is currently interested in?

Last I heard, Slava was working on the Linux kernel at Google.

He’s working on the Swift compiler at Apple these days.

That's pretty prestigious.

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