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Ask HN: What languages/technologies do you plan to learn in 2017?
37 points by dsiegel2275 on Jan 6, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 29 comments
I'm interested to hear about what languages or other technology folks are planning to learn and use this year - whether it is strictly for a hobby or for production use.

Elixir with Phoenix. I've already started and I really like it. I'm currently writing a Mix task to get my first "real" application with Elixir. I'm also working on a production site using Elixir and Phoenix as a contractor and will most likely take it over permanently once it is finished.

I've been Learning Elixir and Phoenix as well. I'm planning to start building an app starting next week.

Any idea on what the app will be? I'm currently writing a Mix task that generates Ecto models based on existing database tables. My Phoenix app I'm working on uses Ecto but I had to hand write the models because there isn't a tool that will do that for you that is with Ecto. There was a Mix task I saw for MySql but it did not work. I was using Mariaex library for MySql interface but I switched to Erlang's ODBC interface with behaviors so I could easily add supported databases without need new libraries

I'm just using postgres and writing migrations from scratch. I felt that elixir doesn't have all the tools right now but people like you are doing their best in order to keep up with other frameworks/languages. I'd also contribute to libraries once I know enough elixir/phoenix.

Yea. It was frustrating when u was looking for tools to generate models from existing dB. The ecto tell even straight out said they won't do it. I found another tool but it was stripped down and didn't work. It has been an interesting learning experience. I've learned about the using macro, behaviours and have come to love inspect. The worst part so far was dealing with Erlang's ODBC libraries since they use UTF-16 and Elixir is UTF-8

We (team of 2) are learning Elixir/Phoenix and building an app[1] as we learn.

It has been a rewarding experience.

[1] https://www.metriculator.com

It's a complete coincidence that I'm also building an NPS system while learning elixir. All the best :)

I really like your landing page. Is that a theme you're using? Or custom?

Thanks. It is custom designed.

Probably TensorFlow the hype is too strong. This book looks solid https://www.amazon.com/Hands-Machine-Learning-Scikit-Learn-T...

I'm reading an early release of this book in O'Reilly Safari and confirm that it's worth reading.

However, if you don't get used to deep learning previously it might be worth to combine it with something more foundational about deep learning. I like the lectures by Nando de Freitas (https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/nando.defreitas/machinelearni...) and a book by Ian Godfellow (http://www.deeplearningbook.org/).

Dartlang, to find out if it's a workable alternative to Javascript/ECMA.

The project I'm currently developing uses AngularJS (v1), and D3. From quick initial research, it should be possible to use Dartlang, AngularDart, and D3.js to replace them.

The motivator is the direction Javascript/ECMA is heading. Rapid uncontrolled proliferation of tooling, standards, etc, with no positive end in sight. (in biological systems, isn't that called cancer? :>)

I recently transitioned from a front-end position to a back-end position, so I'm currently learning Java as well as a bunch of architectural and devopsy topics for work.

On the side, I want to get better at shipping, so I have a goal to ship an actual product this year. What I'm working on at the moment is written in Node (which I already knew fairly well) on Lambda + SNS + DynamoDB + ElasticSearch (which I did not know).

I've been using Scala professionally for the last few years and really love it. I've also been doing a lot of JS work professionally, so I think I'm going to really dig into Scala.js.

QT and C++, it's far too long on my list. It feels quite limited to me, to just be able to spit out web applications, many ideas I got would be better as a GUI application.

I'm trying to go in the other direction, but I feel like the toolchains for web applications are so much worse. I haven't found my magical stack in the web world yet.

Technologies aren't the end all of programming; there are other more fundamental skills you should learn, like learning how to work towards goals: https://codewithoutrules.com/2016/12/20/the-best-technology/

Languages Rust Ocaml Matlab/Numpy/? Some form of numerical programming environment anyway Haskell (maybe if I have time towards the end of year) ARM/Risc-V assembler (as a target, see below)

More general. I want to finally make a read thru SICP without getting sidetracked halfway. Then move to writing some toy compilers.

Have a few ideas for home embedded computing projects.

I want to work on some DSP projects too.

I am going to be learning some new JavaScript tools. Specifically, I want to learn more about ES6 features, React, and Vue. I am doing the 1PPM challenge, with my January project being a Vue app. Documenting my adventures on my site, releasing my results as open source. https://roth.fyi/

OP here, for myself, I've done a lot of reading up about Elixir and more recently about Clojure. I plan to dig in to both of them this year and build a non-trivial side project. If all goes well I might have the opportunity for production use at my work.

I'm also hoping to find some time to play around with software defined radio.

Rust. I played with it a bit last year, but I want to take a deep dive into it. It seems extremely fascinating.

I'm currently a .NET developer using C#/ASP.NET MVC. This year I plan to play around with these things => ReactJS, Xamarin, AWS, Docker, (and hopefully swift)

Clojurescript and generally clojure.

Will be picking up 1) rust and 2) one machine learning language, For machine learning still contemplating between h20 and tensorflow. Any suggestions?

C. Can't avoid it anymore. Many tools I use recommend jumping into C (via FFI) when you need speed. Smalltalk, Lua, Scheme... even Erlang.

Perl6, it finally has a production release and some useful libraries to build real tools.

Very interested to see if it was worth the wait.

Communication and marketing

python , ruby , angularjs .

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