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Congrats to the team! Long time irssi user here, I've tried to move to several other clients over the years (for change's sake rather than any real reason), but nothing ever "stuck" with me.

Relatedly to this happy news, a gentle plug for a project I was involved in: https://github.com/rburchell/irssi-relay

irssi-relay allows you to connect weechat's relay clients to an irssi instance. I don't think it's gotten much use outside the few of us that work on it, more eyes are of course welcome.

Wow. I just have to say thank you. I love irssi, but the hassle of sshing from my phone has been an issue. This solved everything. the glowing bear phone app works great, but i couldnt get the weechat android app to work.


I think it was working at some point, but I don't regularly use Android, so I don't know what might have changed there.

Please file an issue if you don't mind (and if you can dig in and try to find the problem or even fix it, so much the better!)

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