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Heh, great! And only 17 years in development!

First commit: https://github.com/irssi/irssi/commit/770ae45

> First commit: https://github.com/irssi/irssi/commit/770ae45

Three version control systems later, that commit has hints of git, svn (git-svn-id) and cvs (.cvsignore) all in one!

Good on them for fighting the good fight and not discarding history.

Right on schedule!

Time to finally switch from ircII?? /s

You know, sometimes there's an argument for taking the slow and steady approach.

I know it doesn't always jive with the current fad of "move fast, throw in a bunch of js and break things" where everything is obsolete by the time it's released, but there's frankly no need for irssi development to proceed at an urgent pace. The 0.x versions were perfectly usable.

I agree given the project and the usability of prior releases, but you have to admit a 17 year schedule is amusing in todays world.

>you have to admit a 17 year schedule is amusing in todays world

No I don't.

Oh ok, 16 year schedule, that's amusing. 17? No. 18? Nope.

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