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Care Revolutions (YC S16) Is Looking for a Director of Supply Operations
on Jan 5, 2017 | hide
Healthcare cost represent 17% of US GDP. That’s 3 trillion dollars! A large portion of that is costs associated with medical doctors, nurses and healthcare staff in general. The world of healthcare staffing is dominated by telephones, fax machines and paper calendars. We’re building a future where the people who work in healthcare are better managed and are empowered to be the healers they want to be.

Care Revolutions (YC S16) is a marketplace for healthcare staff. More than 70 medical centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles find highly specialized nurses on carerevolutions.com every day.

Care Revolutions is funded by an extraordinary group of angels including YC partners and alumni.

We're looking for a very specific kind of person to join us as a Director of Supply Operations.

- you have a self-starter mindset, grit and motivation - you like to work independently, in a remote team - you’re open to designing your own job as the company’s needs evolve - you’re a cloud and collaboration tools native, that means you’re comfortable with all google products, dropbox, trello, slack, etc.

What you’ll do: - take responsibility for managing the entire onboarding process on the supply side of Care Revolutions - forge trust relationships with Medical Professionals - decrease the time from sign-up to first shift - scale the onboarding of Medical Professionals nationwide - ensure Medical Professionals are compliant with State and industry regulation and with the Care Revolutions Trust and Safety standards - track data to provide user-based product and marketing recommendations

Our current team of 5 works remotely. We still spend 100% of our time talking to users and building product. You are a key hire, with your help we will be unlocking how to scale the supply side of our marketplace. We’re offering equity and salary package aligned with your experience and motivations.

Come work on an industry that matters. Email founders@carerevolutions.com to start the conversation.

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