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ClickTime | www.clicktime.com | Onsite San Francisco; Austin, TX also possible for QA | Full Time

ABOUT US: We're ClickTime. We help businesses become more productive every day. We're a bootstrapped, profitable, 32-person company going through an exciting stage of growth.

HIRING PROCESS: Two phone interviews, an onsite interview, and reference checks. Most of our interviews also include a practical component (e.g. coding exercise, product demo, Excel exercise, etc) that would reflect your day-to-day work at ClickTime.

ROLES: Director of Customer Success - Quality Assurance Tester - Senior Front End (JavaScript) Developer - Account Executive - Sales Development Representative - Account Manager - Customer Success Manager - Summer 2017 Software Development Intern

APPLY: www.clicktime.com/jobs

Hiring process also includes a demand to find 11 errors in the job post and enumerate those in the cover letter. Took ~20 minutes to compose the cover letter to their specifications, and they didn't even have the courtesy to let me know they'd received the cover letter. I'd rather have those 20 minutes back.

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