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Skyscanner | full-time senior hires | London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest, Sofia | ONSITE, VISA


We're one of the biggest travel search products in the world. Recently acquired by CTrip, China's biggest travel services provider, we have a unique position in the market and are continuing our incredible growth as a tech company.

Hiring at an experienced level in lots of disciplines: backend with microservices & distributed systems, big data & data science, full stack (modern frontend + api skills - particularly Node or Python), designers, product, iOS & Android. We're growing in all of our European offices - London and Barcelona in particular.

We want to hire people interested in large-scale challenges and building new products. In short, if you've got good industry experience, know what best practices look like, and have the drive to improve product and the people around you, we're interested.

Our current focuses are around high-frequency travellers, data-driven personalization and recommendation, as well as developer enablement and tooling. What should the future look like -- how do we best use our data, our scale and new technologies to our advantage as we grow? Come help us find out.

Please ping me an email at alex (.) treppass [at] skyscanner.net for a referral. Happy to answer questions or pass you to someone who can. CV in Word / .doc format would be ideal.

On a personal note, I see a lot of freedom, responsibility, accountability here. Engineers have room to make decisions, move fast, and the encouragement to make things better. It's exciting.

I had extremely negative experience with HR from Skyscanner. After getting the process started from mailing on the mentioned email address, it took 3 reschedules to get 1st call setup because of random reasons.

And, after first call and initial writeup submission, I haven't heard back from HR after month either way.

Considering such unprofessional handling, I'd recommend against them.

I also had a pretty negative experience with their HR about 1 year ago(it was actually me backing out from the process at a very early stage as they were unable to provide me with answers of what I considered simple concrete questions).

Since then though, I've met some fun & knowledgeable people working there and it doesn't seem like bad company to join.

Thanks for the feedback - if you have any more questions or are thinking of applying, I'm a principal engineer and would be more than happy to chat about life here

Hi SITZ, can you send me an email with your details? I'd love to to chase this up on your behalf. We've had a large volume of applicants on the run up to Christmas.

To counter all the negatives, I had a great experience emailing Alex directly! Responses were prompt - Great company...

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