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I think the link in the ReadMe to the article about the motivations for this project is a much better read: https://medium.com/@sanchitgn/what-ive-learnt-developing-a-m...

It clears up why he's using a boatload of libraries. Basically, he wrote it in such a way that you can save the page as a phone app/bookmark thing, and it'll work even if you're offline.

Does anyone else find this PWA thing extremely ironic or is it just my age showing? It seems like we're basically reinventing the days of Delphi and VB, but this time it's over the Internet.

With a proper sandbox, and on multiple platforms, at the expense of resource usage and annoying dev experience (matter of taste admittedly). So I'm not sure where your Delphi comparison comes from, which IMHO was the opposite on all those 4 counts: quick and easy-to-dev, but windows only and you never knew if that .exe you downloaded was just a Todo app or a virus, a browser toolbar or...

Hi swsieber, that's exactly what I going for!

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