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Hmmm, this seems like a minimalist version of my tab manager, Tabli: http://www.gettabli.com

Tabli is based on a similar concept (being able to save sets of tabs with a meaningful name), but is a full-featured tab manager, allowing you to see all open tabs, switch between tabs, and revert to last saved version of a tab set.

What's the roadmap / vision for Tabbie and how does it differ from Tabli?

(To OP: If the projects seem similar enough in spirit and you'd be interested in combining forces and collaborating on Tabli, please let me know!)

Tabli looks great. Curiously, it doesn't mention that it syncs across computers; but looking at the docs I notice that it uses a folder inside Chrome's Bookmarks, so I guess you also get syncing for free—looking forward to testing it

Hey! Just wanted to say I did try Tabli and found it to be a solid extension. However it didn't quite fit into my workflow and there's enough features that it felt overkill for what I was trying to accomplish. The goal is to save a group of tabs with a minimal steps restore them later, just keeping it simple.

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