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The application is great but you illustrate perfectly what the web development is becoming, tens of files for just 3 features (add, edit, complete)

Perhaps it wasn't OP's intention to make the most elegant Todo application, but rather learn a a new set of tools while creating an application (s)he's rather familiar with?

Then again I actually have no idea.

You could easily write a VERY simple Todo application with the three features you mentioned (add, edit, complete) using an HTML file and some Javascript.

At first glance, I don't suspect OP is trying to create the best Todo application of all time.

I think you're correct:

"I built to learn about progressive webapps or PWA"

What is a "progressive" web app? Serious question!

EDIT: Thanks for the explanations!

Google's marketing term for websites that use Service Workers in a manner that allows the site to function while offline. The sites also have to publish a Manifest file with metadata like icons and a start URL to be considered a "PWA."

Before reading, I thought it was going to be an approach to todo lists, but it's merely "progressive" in the "progressive enhancement" sense.

It's essentially a sample app for the offline-first approach to application design.

OP here! You guessed right, I wanted to make a simple application with all the modern tooling available out there. My main objective was to learn :)

Exactly. I initially thought it was satire. A dozen external libraries and a special package manager to build something that can be written with equivalent functionality in 10 lines of bash.

I don't exactly get why this is posted here. It seems like OP did this for the sake of his own learning, and that's well and good. But this is not a particularly interesting project and doesn't do anything novel.

"...written with equivalent functionality in 10 lines of bash."

Hyperbole much?

The OP isn't claiming to have done more than gluing together a bunch of stuff. And I don't think I can install a shell script on my phone. And it won't have equivalent functionality.

Hi, I thought of this as a starting point I could use to build more complex apps. The idea was in no way novel. I just wanted to use the modern technologies out there.

The first time I saw this things I thought: well, Java programmers are coming to web development ...

There're too many over engineering that call itself "simple" .

Modern web development is turning into the bloated mess of enterprise java we tried to abandon in 1999.

Holy crap, the amount of libraries, uses React/Redux/Webpack and Firebase.

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