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It is called "simple, easy and intuitive UI". It is the ultimate dream of every designer and product manager.

Please go back to your cave to brush bits and bytes in assembly.

I get the heated response to the comment, but I'm not sure you can state this is "the ultimate dream of every designer and product manager". It is very simple and easy, but there are a lot of features missing (swipe left to undo for example).

Also, don't hate the bits & bytes in assembly, some HN readers read assembly and write bit operations on a daily basis. Those who write UIs in assembly are probably masochists. :)

I meant that easy and intuitive UIs, in generic, are the dream/goal of designers/managers, not necessarily this one in particular, since ToDo apps are so simple.

You made a good point about low level programmers. As a former assembly programmer that did lots of bit operations on 80386 processors I do understand your point. My apologies.

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